Banned Super Bowl Commercial for SodaStream / Commercial

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Banned Super Bowl Commercial for SodaStream / Commercial

Hello superstars of life!

So here’s the scoop… I booked a cool Super Bowl commercial for SodaStream (which was awesome), went to Miami Beach to film it (which was awesome) and then it got banned from the Super Bowl (which wasn’t awesome). Disappointing, yes but there’s been a ton of buzz about the controversy which has made it go viral with almost 2.3 million views online so far! Also, it will start airing on TV this weekend so I hope you see it and enjoy it, I know you will!!

Check out these photos from the shoot in Miami!

There are some very informative articles and videos about it on BloombergAdAgeThe Daily Beast, and Mashable.

Here’s the commercial:  

I also filmed a funny commercial for in Hollywood at the end of last year which was directed by the esteemed and extremely funny, Bob Balaban, who’s been in a bunch of Christopher Guest’s mockumentaries including Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show and A Mighty Wind along with scores of other films and shows, and he played the president of NBC on Seinfeld which was hilarious! It was really an honor to work with him and he gave the actors a ton of room to improvise and create which is my favorite thing to do in comedy so I had a blast! My commercial should be airing soon and I’ll post it online and send it out!

Here is a pic from the shoot:

Newsletter 2013-02-01 Photo

Also working on a few other projects and will have more details soon!

Hope everybody’s well and please enjoy the Super Bowl…without me…haha!!

With fizzy bubbles,