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Delta Safety Videos

MAY 1, 2013 by Joshua Sankey

As many of you already know, method acting is the first thing on my résumé. It’s in fancy italic bold bubble emoticon meme font neatly above my name. Thus, I duly channeled my sense memory of how to look handsome while fiddling with a Rubik’s Cube from my 80’s upbringing and I brought a breakthrough performance to both the Internet and airplane headrest TV screens worldwide with my role in Delta Airlines 80’s Themed Safety Video! Have you seen it yet? If you fly on Delta you probably have as it’s airing on all flights. Also, it went viral on the World Wide Web with over 1,527,044 views, but who’s counting? (I AM!!) Feel free to view and enjoy your flight! Oh, Alf and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also accompany me in the video. I also filmed additional safety videos for my friends at Delta. See below!